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Learn more about NOMEX® and Track-it as a complete solution from accurate X-ray measurements to legally required documentation.

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ECR Highlights

  • NOMEX® with Track-it QA Data Management
    Save time, improve accuracy by automating QA data collection and management in diagnostic imaging. Export your analyzed NOMEX® data to Track-it for a complete solution from accurate X-ray measurements to legally required documentation. As a browser-based software, Track-it integrates QA data from different sources, devices and sites into a single, intuitive platform, making it very easy for you to access and monitor all your QA data from anywhere in your network.
  • NOMEX® mAs
    Check out NOMEX® mAs for both invasive as well as non-invasive mAs measurements. Combine it with NOMEX® Multimeter or Dosemeter to benefit from a flexible, modular solution for X-ray imaging QA that grows with your needs. Start now, expand later.
  • SL Detector for NOMEX®
    Take a first look at our upcoming SL Detector which allows you to conveniently measure scatter and leakage from X-ray systems in combination with NOMEX® Dosemeter.
  • NOMEX® for X-Ray Therapy Systems
    Learn how you can use the IEC 60731 compliant NOMEX® Dosemeter in combination with a PTW Farmer® ionization chamber for quality assurance of X-ray radiotherapy beams.  

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