MV (EPID) Imaging QA

EPID QC Phantom
epidSoft Software

Turnkey Solution for Portal Imaging QA 

  • EPID QC Phantom1

    Versatile phantom designed to check and monitor the image quality of EPIDs and flat panel imagers used in high-energy photon beams.

    Key Features

    • Multiple test patterns provided in one single phantom
    • Simultaneous check of all relevant image quality parameters in one exposure: signal-to-noise ratio, low- and high-contrast resolution, linearity, geometric distortion
    • High-resolution line pair patterns arranged in horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction, for fast, accurate MTF determination
    • Suitable for any EPID or imager

  • epidSoft Software

    Convenient analysis software for an automatic evaluation of images acquired with the PTW EPID QC Phantom and documentation of long-term imaging performance

    Key Features

    • Fully automated or manual image registration
    • Traffic light feature for an immediate feedback on evaluation results based on preset baselines/tolerances
    • Statistics tool to efficiently track and document the image quality over time
    • Export to Track-it QA data management software for trending and reporting
    • All imaging parameters displayed on one screen for fast, simple evaluation, with zoom function for a more detailed analysis
    • Direct report printing and data export to spreadsheets
    • File formats of all major EPIDs supported
    • DICOM listener and DICOM data viewer included

1 Designed by Schmidt, Decker, Winkes, Rittler, Kretner and Herbig, Westpfalzklinikum Kaiserslautern, Germany
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Image Gallery

Supported QA Procedures

Image quality
  • Imaging and treatment coordinate coincidence  
  • Spatial resolution (high-contrast resolution)  
  • Contrast (low-contrast resolution) 
  • Flatness and Noise
  • Scaling discrepancy
  • Image offset to central axes
  • Image distortion
  • Image rotation
  • Artifacts (visual evaluation and documentation)
  • Distance and angle measurements at SAD in image  
Imaging dose
Clinical Use

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