University Hospital

Odense, Denmark

Odense University Hospital is situated in the southern region of Denmark.

The department of oncology provides comprehensive radiotherapy treatments of high international standard. The treatments are given by eight linear accelerators, one brachytherapy unit or one kV therapy unit. The radiotherapy equipment consists of two Siemens Primus and six Elekta accelerators, one PDR brachytherapy unit from Nucletron and one kV unit from Gulmay. Four Elekta accelerators are Synergy Platforms equipped with portal image (iView) and cone beam CT (XVI); the remaining two are upgraded Philips SL20 machines with iView.

Siemens Somatom and Philips Brilliance Big Bore CT-scanners are used for diagnostic CT-scans.

Pinnacle and Plato are used for treatment planning.

MosaiQ is the backbone for booking, patient data registration, recording and verification.

The dosimetry equipment from PTW includes

  • three 2D-ARRAY seven29 arrays
  • two water phantoms MP3 Therapy Beam Analyzer including TPR option
  • two UNIDOS Universal dosemeters
  • two UNIDOS webline dosemeters
  • twelve MULTIDOS multi channel dosemeters
  • eight QC6Plus Phantoms
  • two LA48 linear arrays (including the Fast Measurement Option)
  • two 90Sr sources for test of cylindrical and plane parallel chambers
  • Wide range of radiation detectors: Farmer, Roos, Markus, semiflex thimble and PinPoint chambers, as well as diamond detector, 30 cm3 cylindrical chamber, 1 liter spherical chamber, soft X-rays chamber, CT chamber, well-type chamber and five-fold rectum probe
  • EPID QC phantom
  • Soft X-ray phantom
  • Acrylic and water-equivalent RW3 slab phantom
  • PLEXITOM 2D positioning device

PTW software includes MEPHYSTO mc2, VeriSoft, MultiCheck, MultiSoft, UniSoft, epidSoft, MultiCal, MP3 Control. We have developed our own software for analysis of data measured using Seven29 array. Also, a complete software solution has been developed for QC6 data acquisition and analysis.


Hans Lynggaard Riis

Phone +45 6541 2977  or +45 6541 2143

Odense University Hospital       
Sdr. Boulevard 29

DK-5000 Odense C

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