Water column system for highest precision peak detection in proton and heavy ion therapy


  • Measures position of Bragg peak within (20 ... 350) mm with a spatial resolution of 10 µm
  • Builtin monitor and measuring chambers
  • Gate input for spillby-spill measurements

The PEAKFINDER water column is especially designed for highest precision peak detection of proton and heavy ion beams in particle therapy. It is a closed water column for scans up to 35 cm depth with increments of 10 µm. Because of its sealed construction it can be used in any spatial orientation. Windows allow a visible inspection of the column inside. The signals of the built-in thin window Bragg peak chamber T34080 and the monitor chamber T34082 are read out by the TANDEM XDR electrometer. A TCP/IP interface is implemented for software control. The included PeakScan software package allows precise measurements and a detailed Bragg peak analysis.

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