One Platform. Flexible and Scalable.

VERIQA manages all patient QA tasks efficiently in one place. Everything is seamlessly integrated into one platform from visualization and evaluation to verification and reporting: hardware and software. With its modular, scalable design, VERIQA provides the flexibility to combine, expand or upgrade modules as and when needed.

Built on future-proof client-server architecture, VERIQA is perfect for any work environment. A web application provides simple access to browse and organize measurements, calculations and “To Do” lists or retrieve QA results.

Automated Workflows. Streamlined Operations.

VERIQA takes workflow efficiency to the next level by automating repetitive tasks and manual steps in patient QA. It streamlines all operations from data collection and analysis to approval and documentation, generates reports upon task completion, sends email alerts and notifications where actions are required, and exports QA results to Track-it for comprehensive data management fully automatically.

Accuracy Guaranteed.

Recognized for their outstanding accuracy, Monte Carlo techniques have become the method of choice for dose calculation in radiotherapy.

VERIQA calculates doses using a robust proprietary Monte Carlo algorithm that is truly independent of the LINAC and treatment planning system, thus provides most accurate results – even in complex situations (e.g., small fields, inhomogeneous regions). Advanced comparison tools, including structure-based gamma volume analysis (GVH), assist in reliably assessing dose delivery to critical structures and organs at risk.

Automated Plan Verification – More than One Choice.

When it comes to verification, there is no one-method-fits-all.
VERIQA offers the choice to select the best method for specific verification needs – from independent dose calculations to phantom-based dose measurements. Perfectly integrated with OCTAVIUS® 4D measurement equipment, it automates manual setup tasks, data acquisition and analysis, making phantom measurements safer, faster and much more efficient. VERIQA automatically analyzes the collected measurement data and presents the results on the spot. A comprehensive dashboard view provides easy access to all the latest verification results. The powerful visualization and comparison tools of VERIQA offer more detailed analysis and evaluation.

Track. Trend. Monitor.

Efficiency is maximized thanks to data integration and automation. VERIQA is combined with Track-it for efficient case-related monitoring of your QA results. As a browser-based data management software, Track-it integrates QA data from different sources, devices and sites into a single, intuitive platform, which can be easily accessed from anywhere in your network.

Changes in QA data over time are tracked, outliers are detected more easily and action is initiated when needed. When combined with Track-it, VERIQA automatically exports patient QA results to the Track-it QA database. No click needed.”

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