Current Software Versions

Software Application Version    
BeamAdjust For online profile display 2.3    
BEAMSCAN For automatic acquisition and analysis of relative and absolute dose distributions in combination with PTW water phantoms, PTW solid state phantoms, PTW air scanners, or film scanners 4.5    
DIAMOND Secondary Check Software for Independent Dose or MU Verification 6.2    
BenchControl For remote control of calibration bench, X-ray shutter, filter wheel and electrometer 2.1    
epidSoft For automatic evaluation of image files acquired with the EPID phantom 3.0    
IsoCheck For automatic checks of isocenter geometry and laser alignment 1.2    
IsoCheck epid For automatic checks of isocenter geometry and laser alignment using the EPID 1.3    
MEPHYSTO mc² Therapy beam data acquisition and data analysis with the TBA Therapy Beam Analyzers 3.4    
MultiCheck For daily Linac QA with OCTAVIUS Detectors: improved analysis options for all dosimetry protocols and new snap shot mode 3.7    
MultiSoft For afterloading dosimetry with the MULTIDOS system 1.3    
NOMEX For Acceptance tests and quality control in diagnostic radiology 3.2    
QUICKCHECK Included in QUICKCHECKwebline standard package 2.0    
Track-it QA Data Management Software 3.0    
UniSoft Edition 2000 Controls PTW therapy dosemeters and automatic water phantoms for point measurements. Calculates mean readings and generates log files. Calculates absorbed dose to water according to IAEA 398 and AAPM TG-51 1.2    
VERIQA Modular software platform for comprehensive Patient QA 2.1    
VeriSoft IMRT patient plan verification software for comparing dose distributions measured in an IMRT verification phantom with dose distributions computed by a RTPS. Improved compare functions with different reference points for gamma index analysis and advanced 3 D gamma analysis 8.1    
VivoSoft For in-vivo dosimetry 3.0    

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