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About PTW

PTW designs, develops, manufactures and distributes high quality dosimetry and quality control equipment mainly for use in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and health physics.

We at PTW are proud to work with our customers as a competent and reliable partner. We provide our customers with products, support and service in line with good manufacturing practice with the added touch of personal attention from our motivated staff. We constantly strive to improve the international presence and reputation of PTW.

Dosimetry and QA Solutions for MR-Guided Radiotherapy

Which detector is best suited for reference and relative dose measurements in magnetic fields?
Which clinically proven tools are available for routine QC measurements?
Which water phantom can be safely used on MR-LINACs?

Discover PTW’s newest technologies and how they support your dosimetry needs for next-generation MR-LINACs.

    The first motorized 3D water phantom suitable for clinical use in MR environments
  • STARCHECKmaxi ® MR
    Comprehensive machine QA for MR-LINACs with one single device


Motorized 3D Water Scanning System

Modular Solution for System and Patient QA

Advanced LINAC QA

Reference Class Electrometer

PTW Education and Training

With its global education and training initiative, PTW is aiming to enhance the understanding and practice of clinical dosimetry through a series of webinars, podcasts and hands-on workshops.
Benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the oldest dosimetry company, PTW offers the medical physics community up-to-date expert knowledge and a well-rounded education program including scientific theory and practice.

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