Successor from Own Ranks:

Change of Managing Director at PTW

Freiburg (GER), 31 January, 2023 - Dr. Christian Pychlau is retiring at the end of January.Bernd Allgaier has been appointed as his successor at the Freiburg-based medical technology manufacturer.

Dr. Christian Pychlau has been Managing Partner of PTW Freiburg GmbH since 1996. Under his direction, PTW developed into an international group with three production facilities and more than 400 employees at 12 locations worldwide. During this time, the company transformed from a device manufacturer to a global market leader of dosimetry solutions. As a member of the third-generation owner family, Dr. Pychlau has been managing the company together with Dr. Tobias Schüle since 2017. Starting from February, Bernd Allgaier will take over his position in the dual leadership of the dosimetry company. The experienced engineer, who was previously head of product management, emphasized: “I am looking forward to the new task of continuing the successful course of the company together with Dr. Tobias Schüle and effectively meeting the challenges facing us in the global medical technology market.” Important topics such as the increasing market regulation, growing demands of digital transformation as well as the use of new technologies in radiation medicine will be driven forward with energy and innovation by PTW. He added: "With our committed, competent employees and a corporate culture that demands and promotes responsibility and initiative, we have the best prerequisites for continuing PTW's success story."

Bernd Allgaier (left) will lead PTW jointly with Dr. Tobias Schüle (right).

Double leadership shares responsibility

Within the management duo, Mr. Allgaier complements the commercially specialized Dr. Schüle with his technical knowledge and many years of experience in product development. While Bernd Allgaier will be, among other things, responsible for research & development, product management, production and logistics, Dr. Schüle is mainly in charge of sales, marketing, finance & controlling, human resources and the support of the 11 international subsidiaries. “With Bernd Allgaier, we have found the perfect successor from our own ranks for Dr. Christian Pychlau,” Dr. Schüle stated. Mr. Allgaier, who joined the company in 2000 as a product manager, knows the market and the customer environment very well. In his role as Head of Product Management, he was instrumental in advancing PTW's technological development and was responsible for the successful global market launch of numerous product innovations.

About PTW:

PTW is a global leader in high-precision dosimetry solutions for radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and metrology. Founded in 1922, the German company is one of the pioneers in medical radiation measurement, helping advance patient safety in modern radiation medicine. PTW technologies and services enable radiation experts in over 160 countries worldwide to precisely monitor highly complex clinical radiation equipment. The dosimetry company also owns one of the oldest and largest accredited calibration laboratories in the field of ionizing radiation and established THE DOSIMETRY SCHOOL to promote the exchange of knowledge in clinical dosimetry. PTW operates globally with eleven international subsidiaries and more than 400 employees worldwide.


Media Contact International:

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