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NOMEX Multimeter

  • All relevant X-ray parameters captured in one single shot
  • Modular, individual, easy-to-upgrade models for specific X-ray modalities: RAD/FLU, DENT, MAM, CT, IGRT available
  • PC-based, ultrafast setup - ready to use, only one cable to connect
  • Fully automated medical device class IIb - all relevant ranges set up automatically
  • Exceeding IEC standard requirements: Dose accuracy within the RAD/FLU range typically ± 1.5%, within the MAM range ± 2.5% and kV accuracy within the RAD/FLU range typically ± 0.75% or ± 0.5 kV
  • Rotation-independent positioning in the central beam - no further alignment needed
  • Intuitive software, including one-click export of data and waveform charts to MS Excel® templates
  • Fully integrated with Track-it for long-term trend analysis

NOMEX Multimeter

  • Miniaturized multi-parameter measuring device compliant with IEC 61674 (passed the Type Approval Under German Law by the German National Metrology Institute, PTB)
  • Connection to a PC or alternatively to the NOMEX Dosemeter via USB
  • For measurements in RAD/FLU, DENT, CT, MAM (available qualities: Mo/30μmMo, Mo/25μmRh, Mo/0.25mmCu, W/0.7mmAl, W/50μmRh, W/50μmAg, W/0.3mmCu Rh/25μmRh, Rh/0.03mmAg, Rh/0.25mmCu, W/1.1mmTi)
  • Single exposure simultaneously captures: dose, dose rate, dose per pulse, pulses, frequency, irradiation time, tube voltage (kVpmax, kVpmean, PPV acc. to the algorithm of IEC 61676), total filtration, half value layer, together with waveforms for both kV and dose rate and optionally the mAs (invasively or non-invasively)
NOMEX® Software
  • Modifiable parameter displaying (view all parameters at a glance or just selected ones)
  • Statistic calculations (mean value, standard deviation, coefficient of variation) by simply marking the results of interest
  • Adjustable timer functions (start or stop delays) and waveform sampling
  • Data and waveform export directly to MS Excel (templates) or to Track-it
  • Software menu available in different languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Intuitive, time-saving and straightforward: Connect… (directly to a PC or tablet), … position … (independent of orientation), … evaluate (in Excel or Track-it).
  • Fast setup - fully automatic adjustment:
    • Auto dose ranging: Dose ranges are set fully automatically, so that annoying and time-consuming double exposures can be avoided.
    • Auto kV ranging: kV ranges are set fully automatically. There is no need to adjust the meter to the correct kV range before the measurement.
    • Auto total filtration compensation: Within the RAD/FLU/DENT/CT range the adjustment of the X- ray tube filtration is not necessary, based on the implemented total filtration compensation up to 55 mm aluminum.
    • Auto HVL detection: For all applications and in mammography even for all MAM radiation qualities.
  • Transparent and sophisticated warning management: Always know about the quality of your measuring results.

Different NOMEX Multimeter sets each with a single NOMEX Multimeter model and each with/without mAs option are available:

  • NOMEX Multimeter all-in (R/F/MAM/DENT/CT)
  • NOMEX Multimeter R/F/MAM
  • NOMEX Multimeter R/F
  • NOMEX Multimeter MAM
  • NOMEX Multimeter DENT
  • NOMEX Multimeter CT
  • NOMEX Multimeter IGRT
  • Service contracts NOMEX Multimeter (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Key Features

  • Individual multimeter models for specific X-ray modalities
  • Simultaneous measurement of all parameters with each model: dose, dose rate, dose per pulse, pulses, frequency, PPV, kVpmean, kVpmax, exposure time, HVL, total filtration, waveforms   
  • Invasive or non-invasive mAs measurement optionally available
  • Cost-effective - modular, easy to upgrade as needs grow

Yes. According to the European Medical Directive (MDD) an accessory for X-ray equipment is also a medical device.
The users take care for their legal responsibilities and check progressively the certification status of medical device accessories.

Some devices show outliers for dose measurements exceeding ± 5% especially at the end of the measuring ranges.
According to IEC 61674 the relative uncertainty for air kerma measurements shall not exceed ± 5% within the complete measuring ranges from (23 ... 35) kV and (40 ... 150) kV.
NOMEX fulfils and even exceeds the requirement: RAD/FLU typically ± 1.5 % and MAM ± 2.5 %

PTW recommends to recalibrate the NOMEX every 2 years. PTW devices are famous for their reliability, accuracy and outstanding long-term stability.
Requiring a recalibration every year would hint at a bad long-term stability. The energy response (sensitivity) of the device changes, with the result that the calibration factors are not valid and therefore the measuring results are not reliable any more. Moreover, requiring a recalibration every year is a non negligible cost factor.

The NOMEX multimeter is calibrated for the use in RAD/FLU/DENT/CT and MAM range according to the radiation qualities given by the IEC 61267.
The factory calibration comprises the calibration of air kerma, air kerma rate (tractable to the PTB), tube voltage (for most precise results: measured by means of a high voltage divider), time, total filtration and half value layer.

Some devices require multiple shots before the real measurement can be performed. These pre-measurements reveal the device's shortcomings in regards to auto ranging.
Due to the implemented fully automatic ranging, multiple exposures in order to find the correct dose and/or kV range are not required when using the NOMEX.

The TF compensation allows the performance of kV measurements without adjusting the device to the existing tube filtration (mm Al).
The device identifies the filtration and corrects the kV measurement result accordingly. NOMEX measures the TF within the complete specified measuring range (40 kV ... 150 kV) without any exception.

In contrast to other devices which only allow a kVp detection for a subset of selected radiation qualities, the NOMEX multimeter offers kVpmax, kVpmean and PPV measurements within the complete specified energy range (23 ... 35) kV and (40 ... 150) kV without exception.
NOMEX provides the kV parameters not only for Mo/30µmMo, but also as standard for all mammography qualities: Mo/25µmRh, Mo/0.5mmAl, W/0.7mmAl, W/60µmRh, W/60µmAg and Rh/30µmRh.

Yes, NOMEX calculates the practical peak voltage (PPV) according to the algorithm described in IEC 61676.

NOMEX detects the HVL for all applications including all common mammography radiation qualities: Mo/30µmMo, Mo/25µmRh, Mo/0.5mmAl, W/0.7mmAl, W/60µmRh, W/60µmAg and Rh/30µmRh.

Yes, in mammography the NOMEX comes calibrated ready to be used for all common radiation qualities such as Mo/30µmMo, Mo/25µmRh, Mo/0.5mmAl, W/0.7mmAl, W/60µmRh, W/60µmAg and Rh/30µmRh.
Moreover a compression paddle correction factor is provided for each quality.

The NOMEX multimeter fits with 115 mm x 50 mm x 9 mm within the cassette plane. Optionally a cassette adapter is available for most convenient use within the image receiver plane.

The NOMEX multimeter can be positioned in RAD/FLU/DENT and MAM within the central beam independently of the tube axis orientation.
Time-consuming alignments according to the tube axis are unnecessary.

Some devices are indicating a measuring result even if it is absolutely wrong. It is then up to the user to decide, whether the result is reliable, slightly inaccurate or completely wrong.  
PTW knows about its responsibility! Therefore the NOMEX multimeter has a sophisticated error management, which informs the user, about the quality of the measuring result!
NOMEX indicates if a measurement was inaccurate. Additionally NOMEX suggests what to change within the software settings or within the measurement setup in case of a measuring problem.
The user always knows about the measurement quality and always knows what to do.

NOMEX is equipped with a modern boot loader technology. Downloading the latest firmware version via internet or CD within seconds reduces unnecessary delivery costs and working off times due to long delivery and redelivery periods.

In order to offer maximum flexibility, the NOMEX software can be installed an unlimited number of times.

NOMEX is tested with Windows operation systems. Running for example XP, Vista or WIN7 on a virtual machine, NOMEX can be used on an Apple device.

A 5 m long active extension USB cable [L178088] is available. An extension up to 22 m is possible.

  • NOMEX® mAs
  • Current clamp for NOMEX® mAs
  • Mobile PC
  • NOMEX® Multimeter holder for usage for dental units or in combination with a tripod
  • NOMEX® Multimeter cassette adapter(dimensions 18 cm x 24 cm)
Type of product: Non-invasive measuring device for reference dosimetry and quality control
measurements in diagnostics
Standards: 61674, 61010-1, 61326-1, PTB type approval
Application: RAD, FLU, DENT, DENT-PAN, CT, MAM
Measuring quantities: Air kerma (Gy),
air kerma rate (Gy/s),
exposure (R), exposure rate (R/s),
dose per pulse (Gy, R),
pulses, frequency (Hz),
exposure time (s),
tube voltage (kVpmax, kVpmean, PPV),
half value layer, total filtration (mm Al),
kV and dose rate waveform
optionally: current (mA) and current-time-product (mAs)
Air kerma rate R/F
Sensitivity Mode
5 µGy/s ... 500 mGy/s, ± 3.5 % (typically ± 1.5 %)
0.1 µGy/s ... 500 mGy/s (typically ± 5 %)
Trigger level min. 10nGy/s (typically)
Air kerma R/F 50 nGy ... 500 Gy, ± 3.5 % (typically ± 1.5 %)
kV R/F (50 ... 150) kV, ± 1.5 % or ± 1 kV (typically ± 0.75 % or ± 0.5 kV)
Total filtration (1.5 ... 40) mm Al, ± 10 % or ± 0.5 mm Al
HVL R/F (0.95 ... 13.5) mm Al, ± 0.25 mm Al or ± 10 % (typically ± 0.1 mm Al)
Air kerma rate MAM* 50 µGy/s ... 500 mGy/s, ± 2.5 %
Air kerma MAM* 0.5 µGy ... 500 Gy, ± 2.5 %
kV MAM* (23 ... 35) kV, ± 0.5 kV
HVL MAM* (0.25 ... 0.75) mm Al, ± 0.01 mm Al
Dose per pulse 50 nGy ... 500 Gy, ± 3.5 % (typically ± 1.5 %)
Pulses 0 ... 99999
Frequency (0.2 ... 500) Hz
Irradiation time 1 ms ... 298 h, ± 1 % or ± 0.5 ms
Dimensions (HxWxD): 115 mm x 50 mm x 9 mm
Weight: 250 g

* Refers to all incl. qualities: Mo/30μmMo, Mo/25μmRh, Mo/0.25mmCu, W/0.7mmAl, W/50μmRh, W/50μmAg, W/0.3mmCu Rh/25μmRh, Rh/0.03mmAg, Rh/0.25mmCu, W/1.1mmTi (each with and without compression paddle correction)

**Depending on the radiation quality

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