Metrology - Services

PTW is an expert in the measurement of ionizing radiation in medicine and was involved in the early days of ionizing radiation research by starting one of the first laboratories that calibrated dosimetric quantities right after Röntgen had discovered X-rays.

VF has specialized in the industrial application of ionizing radiation and is particularly well known in the field of nuclear power and radiation control and protection.

Both companies operate calibration laboratories and together have well over 100 years of practical experience in this field, which we can share with our customers.  

  • We ensure long-term availability of spare parts, service and comprehensive application advice.
  • We offer first-class equipment from European high-end manufacturers and at the same time ensure knowledge transfer and unique know-how that cannot be purchased anywhere else.
  • We maintain long-term relationships with our customers, who return to us many years after the first project for further equipment to improve the working process. Trust in our competence for your project and become part of our common success story!

Find below all available services, which can be purchased by both new and established customers.

Presales project preparation

  • Requirement definition
  • Preliminary layout design
  • Consulting
  • Optimization
  • Configuration determination

Project management

  • Final layout design
  • Consulting
  • Last optimization
  • Project kick-off meeting
  • documentation
  • FAT etc.

Installation and training on site

  • Installation
  • SAT (side acceptance test)
  • Stuff application training
  • Optional, Non-Standard Services
    • Beam Commissioning (optionally)
    • Accreditation Assistance (optionally)
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