BEAMSCAN Water Phantom


No tools. No tank shifts. No manual adjustments. Get your BEAMSCAN® ready to scan in a fraction of time using BEAMSCAN® Auto Setup.


There is a faster, easier way to level the water tank. Align the scanning axes virtually – without moving the tank or scanning arms.


Enjoy true Wi-Fi connectivity. BEAMSCAN® is the first 3D water phantom worldwide to include wireless operation and data transfer.


BEAMSCAN® combines speed and precision. With its automated setup and faster scanning speeds, BEAMSCAN® cuts commissioning time in half.

BEAMSCAN® Interactive

Breakthrough new features you should know about.

BEAMSCAN Water Phantom PTW
1. Simple 'plug-and-go'
2. Automated
3. Patented TRUELEVEL technology
4. Clip-in TRUFIX®
5. Rapid Scanning
6. Wireless
7. Superior functionality
1. Simple 'plug-and-go'

True all-in-one, ready-to-use solution

With all electronics and cables directly built into the system and just one power cable to connect, the all-in-one BEAMSCAN® reduces installation time to a minimum.

Simply align it to the LINAC and plug in the power cable. Done.

2. Automated

Ready to scan in a few minutes

BEAMSCAN® comes with a fully automated setup, saving much time and helping prevent typical setup errors.

The interactive BEAMSCAN® Wizard, which can be easily accessed using the included iPod touch® or your own mobile device, guides you through the system setup in the treatment room – touch by touch, in a fraction of time. No tools, and no manual adjustments required.

3. Patented TRUELEVEL technology

Virtual tank leveling:
Faster, easier, less error-prone

BEAMSCAN® uses a unique patented, fully automatic virtual tank leveling that helps eliminate typical error sources in tank alignment.

Based on a three-point measurement and advanced mathematical calculations, TRULEVEL aligns the scanning axes virtually to the water surface without physically moving the tank or scanning arms. No leveling tools and no tank shifts required.

4. Clip-in TRUFIX®

Easiest detector installation with patented clip-in TRUFIX®

The new clip-in TRUFIX detector positioning system, makes it easier than ever to precisely align a detector both vertically and horizontally in a BEAMSCAN® water phantom or quickly exchange it without realignment.

Simply select the appropriate detector holder for axial or radial irradiation, clip it onto the TRUFIX base, then insert your detector, and ready you are.

5. Rapid Scanning

Perfect scans at maximum speed

With enhanced mechanics and a new built-in state-of-the-art electrometer which is capable of speeds of up to 20 mm/s, BEAMSCAN® delivers pinpoint accurate scans in half the time – every time you use it.

6. Wireless

True Wi-Fi connectivity

BEAMSCAN® is equipped with an intelligent web server to offer hassle-free wireless operation. No need to install data cables every time you use it.

Simply access the built-in BEAMSCAN® web server through your own mobile device or PC and complete your auto setup or perform your measurement tasks – faster and easier than ever before.

7. Superior functionality

Innovation down to the smallest detail

From wave prevention to evaporation control, from click-fix SSD adjustment to auto field alignment, BEAMSCAN® features many practical improvements and well thought-out details to make your work much easier.

With its inclined tank bottom and a large water hose, which allow for complete draining, BEAMSCAN® is as easy to remove and store as it is to install.

BEAMSCAN® Auto Setup


Faster than ever.



Position and power on.

Align your BEAMSCAN® to the lasers of your
treatment machine, lock the wheels and plug
in the power cable.
Your BEAMSCAN® is ready for operation.

Run BEAMSCAN® Wireless Auto Setup.

Start the interactive BEAMSCAN® Wizard on
your iPod touch® or mobile device.
It will guide you step by step through the system
setup in the treatment room and perform the
following setup tasks automatically:

  • Reference Run
  • Zero Positioning
  • Water Filling
  • Virtual Leveling (TRULEVEL™)
Set the SSD and install detectors.

Use the “click-fix” SSD adjustment tool to set
the SSD, then quickly connect and mount
your reference and field detectors with easy
“clip-in” TRUFIX®.

Leave the treatment room.

Complete BEAMSCAN® Auto Setup in the control room.

Launch the BEAMSCAN® software to zero the
electrometer and complete the remaining
steps of the BEAMSCAN® Auto Setup which
require radiation:

  • Beam Center Adjustment
  • Auto Field Alignment
Ready to scan in less than 15 minutes.

Select your task list and start measurement.

BEAMSCAN® Software

Everything you need for fast, accurate beam data commissioning.

BEAMSCAN® Auto Setup

Ready to scan in a few minutes

Forget time-consuming setup procedures. BEAMSCAN® software comes with an intelligent Auto Setup allowing you to complete the setup steps easily that require radiation.

The Auto Setup will launch automatically upon start of the software, check-marking the setup routines that have already been performed in the treatment room.

As with BEAMSCAN® Wizard in the treatment room, the software-based Auto Setup guides you step by step through the system setup in the control room, requiring no manual adjustments or calculations.

Simply start the Auto Setup program from your PC, and let BEAMSCAN® software do the rest.

Learn how easy it is to set up BEAMSCAN®.

Fast, Accurate Beam Data Acquisition

Precision scans at maximum speed

Accelerate beam data collection with automated, TPS-specific task lists to perform multiple measurement tasks in one go. Customize them to your needs with simple drag and drop. Scan profiles twice as fast by doubling the scanning speed - without compromising accuracy.

Key measurement tools at a glance

  • TPS-specific, customizable task lists for automatic beam data collection
  • Fast scanning mode
  • Advanced measurement options, e.g., TPR/TMR, output factors, absolute dose
  • SSD conversion to measure large beam profiles without tank shift
  • Reference curve overlay for online comparison
  • Real-time beam adjustment
  • Automatic water level check for efficient evaporation control

Advanced Beam Data Analysis

Analyze your data with a few clicks

Click on the Analyze button, and BEAMSCAN® software will instantly analyze your scans based on a preselected dosimetry protocol. FFF profiles are automatically detected and evaluated following recommendations of Fogliata et al.

Key analysis tools at a glance

  • Automatic evaluation of FFF beam profiles
  • Automated beam data analysis based on international, vendor-specific or user-defined dosimetry protocols
  • Comparing profiles (1D Gamma, percentage deviation)
  • Superimposing scans to detect asymmetries
  • TPR/TMR calculations from depth dose measurements
  • Table generator to automatically calculate TPR/TMR, OCR and output factors
  • Absolute and film dosimetry (optional)

Learn more

Enhanced Data Processing

Turn raw data into results

Choose from a variety of mathematical functions and filters that aid in visualization and data analysis and help you prepare your data for export into your treatment planning system.

Key processing tools at a glance

  • Smoothing or averaging data to remove unwanted noise
  • Shifting profiles or PDDs along depth axis to correct measurement depths
  • Correcting CAX of FFF profiles based on user-defined penumbra values
  • Converting measured ionization curves to absorbed dose to water curves
  • Normalizing profiles to CAX, a specific point or absolute value
  • Mirroring profiles to correct coordinate system or asymmetry
  • Creating correction tables for depth- or dose-related corrections

Learn more

Annual QA and Reporting

Your workflow in mind

Export your analyzed beam data to Track-it. Combined with BEAMSCAN®, the easy-to-use Track-it QA data management software provides you with a comprehensive solution from scanning to reporting that integrates with your workflow and helps you maintain regulatory compliance.

Key reporting tools at a glance

  • Quick browser-based access to all QA data from anywhere in your network
  • Automated monitoring of QA tasks and QA reports on one single platform
  • Predefined, customizable protocol templates, e.g.,
    AAPM TG-142 Annual QA, for easy documentation
  • Smart AutoFill function to update reports automatically
  • Offline/online data synchronization
  • Trend charts for easy tracking of machine performance over time

Learn more about BEAMSCAN® + Track-it.

BEAMSCAN 4.5 Highlights

  • Real-time beam data analysis
  • Advanced data processing based on AI
  • Versatile data analysis functions for enhanced comparison of multiple scans


BEAMSCAN Software 4.5


All-in-One or Separate

Which BEAMSCAN® model is best for you?


  • Space saver

    If your treatment room is small or adequate storage space is not available, an all-in-one solution may be the best choice for you.
    As an all-built-in-system, BEAMSCAN® comes on a single, easy-to-move lift carriage, including everything needed - from tank to water reservoir. Compared to BEAMSCAN® Duo, it offers a much smaller footprint which makes it ideal for facilities with limited space.
  • Ease of installation

    As an all-in-one system, BEAMSCAN® is ready for use whenever you need it. Its superior ease in setup and general day-to-day use is a huge advantage and time saver. No need to make two trips to the storage room or ask your colleague for assistance.
    If you look for maximum comfort and efficiency, then BEAMSCAN® would be a wise choice.


  • Weight saver

    Narrow hallways, ramps, uneven flooring or small doorways may be more difficult to navigate with a combined carriage.
    By splitting the weight on two carriages – a lift and a water reservoir carriage –, BEAMSCAN® Duo can make transport and maneuvering easier if your site conditions are not ideal. The lighter lift carriage also reduces the overall weight on the turntable.
  • Ease of handling

    As the water reservoir of BEAMSCAN® Duo comes on a separate carriage, the lift carriage for the water phantom is lighter, which makes it easier to position and align the water tank to the linac.
    With the water reservoir out of the way, the BEAMSCAN® Duo lift table also gives better access to the water tank, e.g., to exchange detectors.

BEAMSCAN® in Pictures

BEAMSCAN® in Action


Learn more about BEAMSCAN® Wireless Auto Setup which gets you ready to scan in a few minutes.

BEAMSCAN® for Halcyon

See why the automated BEAMSCAN water phantom is also a perfect choice for Halcyon users.

BEAMSCAN® + Track-it

Improve efficiency by managing your analyzed beam data in Track-it. Explore the benefits.

BEAMSCAN® Specifications


3D Water Scanning System
with Wireless Auto Setup and Operation

  • LINAC Acceptance Testing
  • TPS Beam Data Commissioning
  • Monitor Calibration
  • LINAC Accelerator QA
Scanning range: 500 mm (horiz.) x 500 mm (horiz.) x 415 mm (vert.)
Wall thickness: 15 mm
Material: PMMA
Weight: approx. 42 kg (empty)
Size: 701 mm x 633 mm x 704 mm
Included: water vapor permeable dust cover
Type: stainless steel worm gear drive
Motor: three stepper motors
Scanning mode: continuous, step-by-step
Scanning speed: up to 20 mm/s
Minimum step size: 0.1 mm
Maximum speed: 50 mm/s
Total size: 1548 mm (L) x 783 mm (W) x 1298 mm (min. height) / 1798 mm (max. height)
Total weight: approx. 240 kg (empty), approx. 440 kg (filled)

Lift Carriage with Built-in Water Reservoir and Control Unit:

Moving range: 500 mm
Time for full lift: 45 s
Minimum step size: < 1 mm
Pumping/draining time: approx. 5 min (filling), approx. 7 min (draining)
Ground clearance: 84 mm
Size: 1548 mm (L) x 783 mm (W) x 1056 mm (H) (with push bar)
Weight: 180 kg (empty)
Moving range: 500 mm
Time for full lift: 45 s
Minimum step size: < 1 mm
Pumping/draining time: approx. 5 min (filling), approx. 7 min (draining)
Ground clearance: 84 mm
Size: 1548 mm (L) x 783 mm (W) x 1298 mm (min. height) / 1798 mm (max. height)
Weight: 145 kg
Use: Only in combination with BEAMSCAN® Duo Lift Carriage
Max. water quantity: 220 l
Size: 1091 mm (L) x 781 mm (W) x 1047 mm (H) (with push bar)
Weight: 98 kg (empty)
Type: iPod touch®
Connection: Wi-Fi
Access: standard web browser
Application software: “BEAMSCAN® Remote” Web App with BEAMSCAN® Wizard for system setup from any mobile device
Channels: 2
Resolution: 10 fA
Chamber voltage: (0 ... ± 400) V, programmable in 1 V increments
Dynamic range: 2 pA … 500 nA in three ranges
Time constant: 10 ms in all ranges
Non-linearity: ≤ ± 0.5 % acc. IEC 60731
Long-term stability: ≤ ± 0.5 % p.a. acc. IEC 60731
Reproducibility: ≤ ± 0.5 % acc. IEC 60731
Type: vented cylindrical ionization chamber, waterproof, type 31021
Radiation quality: 60Co ... 50 MV photons (9 ... 45) MeV electrons
Volume: 0.07 cm³
Field size: (3 x 3) cm² ... (40 x 40) cm²
Use: patented clip-in detector mounting and positioning system
Included: TRUFIX® BS base plate with holders for Semiflex 3D, “click-fix” SSD adjustment tool
Minimum PC Requirements
Operating systems: Windows® 7 Professional / Windows® 8/8.1 Pro / Windows® 10 Pro (x32/x64) with recent service packs and updates
Processor: Pentium IV processor 2 GHz
Hard disk, RAM: 100 MB of free space for application software and 2 GB of free space for .NET Framework 4.5.1 • RAM: 2 GB
Screen resolution: XGA (1024 x 768 pixels)
Network: TCP/IP, Ethernet, 100 Mbit/s


Versatile add-ons that make your BEAMSCAN®
even more powerful.

Halcyon™ Upgrade

A Perfect Fit

Benefit from a ready-to-use, perfectly adapted solution that speeds up commissioning and QA of your Halcyon™ treatment machine.

From all-built-in design to ideal tank dimensions, from dedicated accessories to fast scanning, from importing golden beam data to automated FFF analysis, BEAMSCAN® is optimized for use with the Varian Halcyon™ system.

With its Wireless Auto Setup and patented TRULEVEL™ auto leveling function that automatically compensates for tank tilt, BEAMSCAN® for Halcyon™ gets you ready to scan in less than 20 minutes.

Halcyon™ Packages:

  • Halcyon™ Upgrade Package for new BEAMSCAN® installations
  • Halcyon™ Retrofit Package for current BEAMSCAN® users


BEAMSCAN® for Halcyon™ comes fully assembled, and is ready to install in just a few minutes.
Simply lift the BEAMSCAN® water tank to the same height as the treatment couch, unlock the Halcyon™ base plate, slide the tank onto the couch, turn it by 180°, then connect the extended water hose. Done.


Align the BEAMSCAN® water tank to the lasers, mount the detectors, then move the tank into the Halcyon™ bore and set the SSD. Your BEAMSCAN® is ready for operation.

Run Wireless Auto Setup.

Access the BEAMSCAN® Wizard from your mobile device or iPod to start BEAMSCAN® Wireless Auto Setup, which will perform all setup tasks fully automatically. From water filling to tank leveling with TRULEVEL™ – a single touch is all it takes.

Complete setup.

Move into the control room and complete the remaining steps of the BEAMSCAN® Auto Setup which require radiation – no corrections needed. Your BEAMSCAN® is ready for measurement.

Start measurement.

Select your automated task list and start your measurements. Choose the “Fast Scan” mode to reduce scanning time in half.


A massive time saver

“Our experience with the new BEAMSCAN® and the Halcyon™ was flawless.
The Auto Level function is a massive time saver with Halcyon™. All initial scanning was completed with ease, and the results spoke for themselves. From setup to results the BEAMSCAN® system performed well.”

Jonathan Haynes, Consulting Medical Physicist,
BUSAMED Hillcrest Oncology Centre, South Africa

Track-it QA Data Management Software

Efficiently monitor and document your analyzed BEAMSCAN® data with Track-it. As a browser-based, versatile QA data management software,
Track-it integrates QA data from different sources, devices and sites into a single, intuitive platform.

Benefit from a ready-to-use, perfectly adapted solution that speeds up commissioning and QA of your Halcyon™ treatment machine.

  • Quickly access, trend and review all analyzed QA data from one place – anytime, anywhere, with a few clicks.
  • Efficiently monitor QA tasks and document their results as legally
    required – in a fraction of time.
  • Easily identify outliers and deviations to take immediate action.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance and optimize resources by automating processes.

Powerful alone. Perfect together.

BEAMSCAN® + Track-it

Scan. Analyze. Report. As simple as that.

Combine BEAMSCAN® with Track-it for a complete solution from scanning to documentation
that seamlessly integrates with your workflow.



Get your system ready to scan in a few minutes with BEAMSCAN®Wireless Auto Setup. Use the fast scan mode with a maximum scanning speed of 20 mm/s to cut scanning time in half.



Click on the “Analyze” button, and BEAMSCAN® will instantly analyze your scans based on a preselected dosimetry protocol. FFF profiles are automatically detected and evaluated. Powerful data processing tools help to better visualize and analyze your data.



Export your analyzed beam data to Track-it with the click of a button. Select a protocol template, e.g., AAPM TG-142 Annual QA, click “AutoFill” and automatically complete your report with the analyzed data. Status indicator icons in your report show the current status of each QA task (open, skip, pass or fail), allowing you to conveniently monitor your tasks and document their results – in a fraction of time.

Track-it tools and features that help you increase efficiency in QA data management:

  • Export analyzed QA data from your BEAMSCAN® system and any other PTW QA device to Track-it with the click of a single button.
  • Manage all QA data on one single platform and share it fast and effectively across your organization.
  • Access QA data from multiple sources and sites with a standard web browser.
  • Track the current status of your QA tasks (open, skip, pass or fail).
  • Automate reporting by using predefined or custom protocol templates, e.g., AAPM TG-142 Annual QA.
  • Update your QA reports automatically with Track-it Autofill.
  • Complete reports offline in the treatment room and synchronize when back online.
  • Add attachments to protocol templates to provide guidance on test procedures.
  • Schedule QA tasks on specific days of the week.
  • View and manage all your QA reports in the Track-it Dashboard.
  • Show trends of selected data to track performance changes over time.
  • Add custom data manually or import external QA data via open XML interface.
  • Add comments and attachments to measurements, e.g., to ask questions.
  • Maintain logbooks for treatment machines, e.g., to document service and repair interventions.

More Detectors

T-REF Chamber

The Reference Detector for Small Fields

As a thin, plane-parallel transmission chamber, which easily mounts on the edge of the water tank rather than on the linac head, the T-REF chamber is the perfect reference detector for interference-free small field PDD and profile measurements in a water phantom. Quick to install and with excellent dosimetric and geometric characteristics.

  • Thin-window transmission chamber – attenuation less than 1%
  • Fast and simple setup on edge of water tank – no beam perturbation, no detector shadowing effects
  • Large diameter – no repositioning required
  • Outstanding accuracy – excellent SNR and dose stability, no temperature drifts

Learn more

Radiation Detectors

For any application or field size.

Waterproof and equipped with the appropriate holders and connectors, PTW detectors are perfectly matched to your BEAMSCAN® system.

The unique clip-in TRUFIX® detector positioning system makes it very easy to position the field detector in the effective point of measurement (EPOM) as recommended in dosimetry protocols. Clip out, clip in is all it takes to exchange a detector. Build-up caps and a mini phantom are optionally available for SC measurement.

Detector Overview

More Options

Absolute Dosimetry*

Software for absorbed dose to water determination

Key Features:

  • Absolute dose measurements according to IEC 60731
  • Determination of absorbed dose to water based on ionization chamber measurements using IAEA TRS-398 or AAPM TG-51 dosimetry protocols
  • Quick access to all relevant detector data via PTW detector database
  • Remote positioning of detector and control of various PTW electrometers

*not available for sale within the United States

Film Dosimetry

Software for scanning and analysis of films and digital images

Key Features:

  • Complete solution for film dosimetry
  • GAFCHROMIC® optimization to scan films with RGB flatbed and VIDAR® scanners
  • All radiation film and twain-compatible scanner types supported
  • Fast conversion of digital images into beam profiles, PDD curves and isodose charts for comparison to water phantom data and protocol-based analysis
  • Isocenter verification using star shot method
  • Formats from all major image sources supported (TIFF, DICOM, etc.)


BEAMSCAN Detector Overview ( 585 KB )
BEAMSCAN Software Overview ( 554 KB )
BEAMSCAN and Halcyon Whitepaper ( 1 MB1 MB )
T-REF ( 652 KB )
Track-it ( 1 MB )
FLASH QA Tools ( 2 MB )


Installation and On-Site Training

Get started quickly.

Work effectively with your BEAMSCAN® from day one. Let our support specialists assist you with the proper installation and configuration of your BEAMSCAN®. Expand your product skills to make optimal use of your water phantom.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Save time with installation and configuration – focus on what is important.
  • Increase productivity – let a service expert install and configure the system for you.
  • Become familiar with the features of the BEAMSCAN® hardware and software.
  • Learn about tips and tricks that help you save time and boost efficiency.
  • Benefit from customized training sessions that meet your specific training needs.
  • Organize on-site trainings for your entire team to reduce training costs.

Service Contracts

Protect your BEAMSCAN®.

Even the best measurement system needs proper service and support. With a PTW service contract, you can be sure to keep your BEAMSCAN® running at peak performance long after the original warranty period has expired.

Benefits of a service contract:

  • Lower operating costs – maintain your system in good condition as long as you use it.
  • Maximize your system’s performance with timely preventive maintenance.
  • Ensure that your measurement system remains accurate over time, meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Eliminate the risk of unexpected failure or system downtime when you least need it.
  • Keep your costs under control with fixed annual fees that are guaranteed for three years.
  • Benefit from flexible contract times.

Learn more

Technical Support

Knowing what responsibility means.

At PTW, we understand that customer care does not stop with the sale of a product. A dedicated team of service technicians and support specialists is on hand to make sure you get the expert help you need – quickly and reliably.

Training & Education


Sharing knowledge. Inspiring practice.

Founded in 2014, THE DOSIMETRY SCHOOL is a global education initiative by PTW aiming to enhance the understanding and practice of clinical dosimetry.
Courses are organized worldwide through a cooperation network and can be customized to best suit your level of experience and particular learning requirements.

  • Keep your knowledge in dosimetry up to date.
  • Gain a broader understanding of current theories, practices and technologies in dosimetry and quality control.
  • Work with motivated trainers who have a strong background in medical physics and clinical experience.
  • Learn from lectures, actual cases and hands-on sessions to extend your skills.
  • Enjoy a relaxing learning environment in small groups for better interaction.
  • Share your knowledge, exchange tips, network with your peers.
  • Benefit from fair prices and conditions.

Current courses

Relative Dosimetry

Training course with hands-on practice

Learn how to use your BEAMSCAN® effectively for beam data acquisition and commissioning.

The “Relative Dosimetry” training course provides you with fundamental knowledge of the physics, procedures and techniques required for beam data acquisition for your treatment planning system (TPS), combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Key topics covered in this course:

  • Technical overview of the BEAMSCAN® water phantom: system components, setup and operation
  • Overview of available detector types and selection of suitable detectors
  • Typical error sources and guidance on how to deal with them
  • Beam data acquisition for photon and electron beams
  • Dynamic and non-standard beams, e.g., small fields, FFF beams, out-of-field dose scatter factors
  • Beam data analysis, e.g., beam profiles, PDDs, output factors
  • Hands-on sessions in the treatment room

Course content

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