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Benefit from BEAMSCAN’s advanced software functions and tools that help you get accurate beam data much faster.

Precision scans at maximum speed

Save valuable linac time. Automate beam data acquisition with ready-to-use task lists for all major treatment planning systems. Create your own task lists to streamline repetitive and regular tasks, e.g., monthly or annual QA.

Key measurement tools at a glance

  • TPS-specific, customizable task lists for automatic beam data collection
  • Automatic water level check and reminder for efficient evaporation control
  • Online data analysis for immediate feedback on scan quality
  • Scan time predictor to better manage your measurement schedule
  • Advanced measurement options, e.g., TPR/TMR, output factors, absolute dose
  • Automatic beam inclination correction and “Dose Maximum Search” for accurate small-field measurements

Analyze your beam data with a few clicks

BEAMSCAN software instantly analyzes your scans based on preset quality criteria or dosimetry protocols. Compare multiple scans against reference scans in seconds. Spot critical deviations immediately.

Key analysis tools at a glance

  • Multiple 1D Gamma scan comparison with “traffic light” results summary
  • Automated beam data analysis based on international, vendor-specific or user-defined dosimetry protocols
  • Automatic evaluation of FFF beam profiles
  • TPR/TMR calculations from depth dose measurements

Optimize scans for analysis

Save measurement time and improve scan quality with AI-based data processing. Choose from a variety of mathematical functions and filters that aid in visualization and data analysis.

Key processing tools at a glance

  • AI-based data processing
  • Smoothing data
  • Shifting profiles or PDDs
  • Normalizing profiles and PDDs
  • Mirroring profiles

Track, trend and report with Track-it

Export your analyzed beam data to Track-it. Combined with BEAMSCAN software, the easy-to-use Track-it QA data management platform provides you with a streamlined solution from scanning to reporting that helps you maintain regulatory compliance.

Key reporting tools at a glance

  • Quick browser-based access to all QA data from anywhere in your network
  • Automated monitoring of QA tasks and reports on one single platform
  • Predefined, easy-to-customize protocol templates, e.g., for AAPM TG-142, DIN 6847-5/-6, 6875-4
  • Online or offline QA report generation, e.g., in vaults without wireless network
  • Trend analysis over time and across multiple measurement or treatment devices


Learn more about Track-it

eBook: Your Guide for Faster Setup, Faster Scanning, and Faster Results

Learn seven tips for maximizing BEAMSCAN efficiency and precision using advanced features and AI-based functions to deliver accurate, high-quality scans in less time.


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BEAMSCAN® AI-Based Data Processing

Get better results, much faster

BEAMSCAN is the first water phantom which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve scan quality and, at the same time, significantly speed up profile and PDD measurements performed with Semiflex 3D and microDiamond detectors.

AI-Based “Deconvolve” Function:

Gold standard accuracy at up to 5x faster scanning speeds

Beam profiles of a 5 cm x 5 cm radiation field measured with Semiflex 3D ionization chamber at 10 mm/s scan speed before and after AI-based correction compared to a microDiamond detector measurement at 2 mm/s scan speed. The AI-based “Deconvolve” function corrects the volume effect in the penumbra region of beam profiles measured with the Semiflex 3D chamber in a one-click operation, achieving an accuracy comparable to that of microDiamond detector measurements.

AI-Based “Denoise” Function:

Accurate scans at up to 3x faster scanning speeds

Beam profile and PDD measured with microDiamond detector at 20 mm/s scan speed before and after applying AI-based noise reduction. A higher scanning speed can impact the quality of profile and PDD measurements. AI “Denoise” compensates for signal noise in microDiamond detector measurements, which can be performed up to three times faster.



How does BEAMSCAN AI work?

Learn more about the AI algorithm of BEAMSCAN 4.5 software and the clinical benefits of using AI-based scan data analysis:




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