UNIDOS Tango and Romeo: The New Generation of Reference Class Electrometers Now Available for Worldwide Sale

Freiburg, June 30, 2020 - In 1922, PTW launched the first dosemeter that used a revolutionary new electromechanical component, the electrostatic relay. Nearly 100 years later, a new generation of electrometers is ready to set a global benchmark in terms of technology and usability.
Today, UNIDOS Tango and Romeo have been released for sale.


The new UNIDOS Tango and Romeo reference class electrometers set a global benchmark in terms of technology and usability.

The new UNIDOS electrometers are the first generation to feature a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen. It offers an intuitive, multi-lingual user interface, through which all relevant settings and functions can be quickly and easily accessed – in up to nine languages and with the simple touch of a finger. Measurement readings and other important data are always clearly visible on the screen and from any angle.

After successful measurement, up to 50 measurement readings are automatically stored in the UNIDOS electrometer and can be immediately reviewed. A practical statistics function allows to quickly and easily calculate the mean value and standard deviation of selected measurement values – without having to connect to a PC. Using the integrated, comprehensive detector database, more than 100 different detectors and their calibration data can be managed from one central location. Detector-specific templates make it simple to add new detectors or to edit calibration data.

Individual user profiles help to save time during set-up and at the same time improve measurement consistency. Favorite device settings and detector parameters for frequent or specific measurement tasks, e.g., preferred measurement detector, user-defined correction factor and measurement range, can be saved as password-protected user profiles.

"UNIDOS electrometers are known in the market for their outstanding reliability and accuracy. They are built to last, and it is not unusual to find first-generation UNIDOS electrometers at clinical sites all over the world that are still in operation,” says Konstantin Burzlaff, product manager at PTW. “When we decided to develop a new generation of electrometers, the question was: How can we improve a product that is already top notch? I am pleased to say that we accomplished this goal with our two new electrometers, the UNIDOS Tango and Romeo. The new UNIDOS generation combines both exceptional measurement technology and a unique user experience.”

UNIDOS Tango is the first reference class electrometer worldwide that automates detector management and identification using Intelligent Detector Recognition.

UNIDOS Tango: Detectors are identified automatically

UNIDOS Tango is the first electrometer worldwide to be equipped with Intelligent Detector Recognition (IDR), which automates detector management and identification. By using detector-specific data matrix codes and intelligent 2D code scanning technology, the new IDR feature saves time and eliminates the chance for mistyped data, particularly in clinical environments with multiple electrometers and different detectors in use.

High accuracy and exceptional usability

The UNIDOS Tango meets and exceeds all relevant performance requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the Japan Society of Medical Physics (JSMP) and is specified for use as a secondary standard reference class electrometer according to the British Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM). It provides fast, absolutely reliable and extremely accurate results across all applications. With the widest measurement range and best available resolution (0.1 fA) in the market, the new UNIDOS Tango is the tool of choice for accurate, high-precision measurements, e.g., in small field dosimetry.

UNIDOS Tango comes with a built-in web server and can be easily operated using any WiFi-enabled device, e.g., a smartphone or tablet.

It can be operated intuitively via touchscreen or conveniently from a PC or notebook. Since the UNIDOS Tango has a built-in web server, it is the only reference class electrometer on the market, which can be easily operated using any WiFi-enabled device, such as, for example, a smartphone or tablet. As a smart electrometer it is simple and flexible in its operation.

UNIDOS Romeo: The Standard Reference Class Electrometer

UNIDOS Romeo is a reference class electrometer that exceeds IEC 60731 performance requirements. Like the UNIDOS Tango it provides fast, absolutely reliable and highly accurate and precise dose measurements – in any application. With its exceptional stability and intuitive touchscreen operation, it is the ideal measuring device for anyone, who is looking for a reliable, user-friendly standalone device – that does not compromise quality and accuracy.

To learn more about the new UNIDOS electrometer generation, visit the product page.

About PTW:

PTW is a global leader in high-precision dosimetry solutions for radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and metrology. Founded in 1922, the German company is one of the pioneers in medical radiation measurement, helping advance patient safety in modern radiation medicine. PTW technologies and services enable radiation experts in over 160 countries worldwide to precisely monitor highly complex clinical radiation equipment. The dosimetry company also owns one of the oldest and largest accredited calibration laboratories in the field of ionizing radiation and established THE DOSIMETRY SCHOOL to promote the exchange of knowledge in clinical dosimetry. PTW operates globally with ten international subsidiaries and more than 350 employees worldwide.

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