GI-07 Gamma Irradiator

Irradiator for 7 gamma emitters

A gamma irradiator fitted with suitable 7 enclosed radionuclide emitters together with an attenuator (option) can be used as a reference source of a homogeneous collimated gamma ray beam in the range of tenths of μGy/h up to units of Gy/h.

The GI-07 gamma irradiator, when fitted with appropriate radionuclide sources, serves as a reference source of homogeneous collimated gamma ray beam ranging from some tenths of μGy/h to Gy/h. This type of equipment is normally used in metrology laboratories for the calibration of gamma dose rate and dose meters.

The GI-07 Gamma Irradiator consists of a lead shielded rotating container for up to seven radiation sources, a beam collimator, a control unit, and safety and alarm systems. The collimator meets the requirements of ISO 4037-1:2019 standard (Radiological protection — X and gamma reference radiation for calibrating dosemeters and doserate meters and for determining their response as a function of photon energy — Part 1: Radiation characteristics and production methods).

Lead attenuators with a maximum attenuation factor of 5,000 may be installed in front of the irradiator. Attenuators are available with:

  • manual control without indication
  • manual control with electronic position indication
  • remote control with electronic position indication

The irradiator and other components in the calibration laboratory can be fully remotely controlled from a host PC.

The shielding of the irradiator can be optimized to the nuclides and activities inserted into it. Three models are offered as standard for maximum activities of Cs-137 ranging from 20 TBq to 200 TBq and maximum activities of Co-60 ranging from 300 GBq to 30 TBq.

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