X-Ray Tube Support

The X-ray tube support is a key component of an X-ray irradiator consisting of a table, tube holder, 8 mm Pb shielding and 3 sets of diaphragms incl. holder, prepared for placement of X-Ray Shutter, Filter Wheel and Monitor Chamber.

  • Custom design for different X-ray tubes
  • Optimal usage of space in the lab
  • Optional reinforced shielding (eS) of the baseplate to protect electronics beneath

System includes

  • 4 sets of diaphragms (base field Ø 10cm, variable fields Ø 2, 5 and 8cm)
  • Shielding hood, 8mm Pb
  • X-Ray tube holder
  • Holders for monitor chamber, additional filters and diaphragms
  • 1 close-to-focus-holder for manual application of filters right after the 1st diaphragm with the following irradiators: GE ISOVOLT MXR320/26 (L981288) and MXR320/26eS (L981573), GE ISOVOLT 160 (L981442), GE ISOVOLT 225 (L981383), Mammo tube changer for XRD Eigenmann PW21xx (L981437), BalteauNDT TSD320/5 (L981409)

X-Ray Shutter, Filter Wheel and Monitor Chamber are not included and need to be ordered separately.

Irradiator table

320kV X-Ray irradiator

Schematic diagram of X-Ray irradiators

Tube changer principle

Schematic diagram of Mammo tube chancer

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