EPID QC Phantom and epidSoft Software

Turnkey Solution for Portal Imaging QA

EPID QC Phantom has been designed to check and monitor the image quality of EPIDs used in high-energy photon beams. The versatile phantom provides a wide range of test elements to check all relevant quality parameters of MV imagers with a single beam in one image. The large field of view of 25 cm x 25 cm at isocenter allows excellent field coverage for an entire imager check.

With epidSoft  you can easily evaluate images acquired with the PTW EPID QC Phantom. Measure length and angle  at SAD  taking into account the DICOM RT Image scaling information.

A comprehensive set of parameters can be verified taking one image only: linearity, isotropy, noise, flatness, scaling, offset, rotation, distortion, low contrast and high contrast resolution (up to 0.33 lp/mm in a focal spot geometry) in horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction.

Customize your printouts and document the long-term imaging performance in compliance with DIN 6847-6 or AAPM TG-142.  

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