Well-type ionization chamber for source strength measurements in brachytherapy


The SOURCECHECK 4pi well-type ionization chamber is suitable for source strength measurements of all kinds of brachytherapy sources.
International standards require the measurement of radioactive brachytherapy sources. An acceptance test after the replacement of the source and additional constancy checks are required for HDR afterloading sources.
For permanent implanted seeds, the typical quality assurance measures a defined amount seeds from a delivered batch.
Various adapters for all kind of afterloading applicators and for different seeds and seed strands are available.
The radioactive check source T48010 can be used for constancy checks. The chamber can be calibrated
for Ir-192 and for I-125.Suitable for soft X-rays up to 100 kV.

  • Measures low energy seeds and high energy afterloading sources
  • Measures all sources in a full 4pi geometry
  • Adapters for all commercial afterloading devices and seeds
  • User friendly accessories for fast and safe handling
  • Compatible with high class PTW electrometers
  • Calibration for Ir-192 and for I-125 available

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