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True 3D EPID dosimetry.
Pre-treatment. In vivo. Fully automated.

VERIQA RT EPID 3D is part of the VERIQA Patient QA platform and provides a fully automated solution for both pre-treatment and in vivo EPID dosimetry enabling true 3D patient dose reconstruction from the acquired images.

Why use RT EPID 3D?

True 3D patient dosimetry

Unlike most EPID dosimetry solutions, VERIQA RT EPID 3D enables a true 3D dose verification from the acquired EPID images by reconstructing the dose in the patient anatomy. This feature offers a significant clinical advantage of comparing the EPID-reconstructed dose directly to the planned patient dose as well as the calculation of patient dose-volume histograms (DVHs) for both pre-treatment and in vivo dosimetry.

Fully automated

One of the greatest achievements of VERIQA RT EPID 3D is the high degree of automation, which keeps user interactions at a minimum. Once a treatment plan has been sent to VERIQA, VERIQA RT EPID 3D will automatically import and assign corresponding EPID images. Whether its calculation and evaluation or notification and documentation, VERIQA knows exactly what to do.

Pre-treatment: Phantomless and efficient

VERIQA RT EPID 3D enables the reconstruction of a 3D patient dose distribution from EPID images acquired “in air“ with no need for phantom set-up or re-planning. Thus creating a truly patient-specific pre-treatment QA while increasing efficiency.

In vivo: Catching clinically relevant errors

VERIQA RT EPID 3D enables in vivo reconstruction of the dose delivered to the patient from EPID images acquired during patient treatment. This makes it possible to not only detect unnoticed clinically relevant errors during pre-treatment verification, but also to quantitatively assess their dosimetric impact.

Clinically proven

The back-projection algorithm of VERIQA RT EPID 3D is a clinically proven and well-established method, which has been successfully used at The Netherlands Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital (NKI-AVL) in more than 75,000 patient treatments since 2005. Numerous peer-reviewed publications prove the accuracy of the algorithm and show the clinical benefit of using EPID-based pre-treatment and in vivo dosimetry.

Fulfilling quality standards and legal requirements

VERIQA RT EPID 3D makes it very easy to comply with high quality standards for the dosimetry of advanced treatment techniques and at the same time fulfill legal requirements of in vivo dosimetry, which are expected to be adopted by more and more countries in the future.

Advanced 3D back-projection approach

VERIQA RT EPID 3D builds on the well-established back-projection algorithm developed by The Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek  Hospital (NKI-AVL) for dose reconstruction refined by a unique Monte Carlo-based inhomogeneity correction (patent pending), offering significant clinical advantages. 

Unlike most EPID dosimetry solutions using the so called forward approach, VERIQA RT EPID 3D enables a true 3D dose verification from the acquired EPID images by accurately reconstructing the dose in the patient anatomy. This enables direct comparison with the planned patient dose and the use of clinically relevant comparison metrics such as patient dose-volume histograms (DVHs) for all treatment sites including those with significant tissue heterogeneities.


VERIQA RT EPID 3D uses the synergy of a single algorithm for pre-treatment and in vivo dosimetry.

User interaction is only needed in step 1 and 2 - all other steps are taken care of by VERIQA RT EPID 3D.

Platform integration

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VERIQA RT EPID 3D adapts seamlessly into the modular structure of VERIQA and expands the Patient QA platform to the verification of each treatment delivery. The trend of the EPID-reconstructed patient dose over the course of treatment is comprehensively presented per treatment plan. This ensures clear overview of the entire treatment and allows easy access to further evaluation results of individual fractions.

What EPID Dosimetry Experts Say

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