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VERIQA - The Modular Software Platform for Comprehensive Patient QA


One Platform for all Patient QA Tasks:

  • Treatment Plan Visualization
  • Treatment Plan Evaluation
  • Pre-Treatment Verification
  • Treatment  Verification


VERIQA Website

VERIQA RT Monte Carlo 3D: 3D dose calculation with SciMoCa
VERIQA RT Monte Carlo 3D: 3D dose calculation with SciMoCa

"Secondary dose calculation systems should be completely independent from primary TPS. Accurate matching between the secondary dose calculational systems and the dosimetric characteristics of the linac is thereby essential for truly independent and valuable dose evaluation"

Prof. Sotiri Stathakis, Ph.D.
University of Texas Health Science
Center, San Antonio

VERIQA RT Monte Carlo 3D

Advanced 3D back-projection approach
Advanced 3D back-projection approach

“The EPID dose back-projection algorithm of VERIQA RT EPID 3D will offer a double benefit.
It will verify treatment delivery by using in vivo EPID measurements as well as increase efficiency in pre-treatment verification by using EPID images acquired “in air”, thus eliminating the need for phantom positioning and re-planning.”

Igor Olaciregui, Software & Physics Lead,
The Netherlands Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital (NKI-AVL), Amsterdam


  • Which detector is best suited for reference and relative dose measurements in Magnetic fields?
  • Which clinically proven tools are available for routine QC measurements?
  • Which water phantom can be safely used on MR-LINACs?

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Webinar "MR-Linac commissioning with BEAMSCAN MR"
Benefit 1
Benefit 2
Benefit 3
Webinar "MR-Linac commissioning with BEAMSCAN MR"

The commissioning and quality assurance of an MR-Linac presents medical physicists with many technical and dosimetric challenges. Having a 3D water phantom system is beneficial for saving time and for enhanced data acquisition.

Watch the webinar

Benefit 1

Complete solution for commissioning and QA of MR-Linacs:

From beam data acquisition, processing and analysis to protocol-based documentation

Benefit 2

The all-in-one, ready for use system with comfortable touch panel for fast setup is exceptionally robust, incredibly versatile and straightforward in its operation

Benefit 3

Two models with vendor-specific water tanks for optimized scanning ranges for Elekta Unity and ViewRay® MRIdian®



As flexible as your needs.

The new modular phantom platform for

  • high-precision radiotherapy and


RUBY Website

RUBY Head Phantom
RUBY - The Modular QA Phantom
RUBY - The Modular QA Phantom

Your advantages

  • Perform integrated tests of the entire treatment chain with one basic phantom by adding and expanding QA capabilities as and when you need them
  • Technologically advanced, new modular phantom platform with powerful, ready-to-use application-specific inserts
  • Comprehensive end-to-end testing of the entire SRS/SBRT treatment process with one single insert
  • Measurement-based patient-specific plan verification, including non-coplanar treatments, with film and different detector types
  • CT markers in phantom and all inserts for enhanced visibility
RUBY Phantom, RUBY Head Phantom and Inserts
Watch the video!
Watch the video!


One phantom - modular solutions for 4D patient and machine QA

  • One system for patient and machine QA
  • 3D dose verification in phantom and patient geometry
  • Rotating phantom - true 3D, true isotropic geometry


Verifying treatment plans with OCTAVIUS 4D
Verifying treatment plans with OCTAVIUS 4D

How do I set up OCTAVIUS 4D for measurement? How are measurements performed? Which dose comparison tools are available?

The step-by-step video guides you through the entire workflow – from installation to evaluation.

OCTAVIUS Detectors
OCTAVIUS Detectors

Select the phantom and detector combination that is best for you and get started. Expand and upgrade it anytime later as your needs change or grow

  • Modular and scalable – various detector arrays and phantom tops available
  • Cutting-edge detector technology based on Gold Standard ionization chambers

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